Lieng-Seng Wee

Lieng-Seng Wee

Banker, strategy consultant, risk management practitioner, and board director, Lieng-Seng WEE has over 25 years of experience with Paribas, Bankers Trust, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and other consulting firms. After graduating second in his class from the Wharton School with an MBA with distinction, Wee joined Booz Allen in NY, went on to become a managing director at Bankers Trust in New York and a partner at several consulting firms. The National University of Singapore valedictorian has lived and worked in both Singapore and the United States.

Wee co-founded Dragonfly LLC in 2000. The New York based firm provides hands-on strategy, risk management and investment advice for boards, CEOs, CFOs, business and risk heads in US, Europe, Middle East and Asia – covering all sectors, corporate, financials and governments.

Prior to founding Dragonfly, Wee was a partner at The Capital Markets Company (Capco), an international financial solutions firm where he built and ran the global risk and shareholder value practice. Based in NY, Wee developed the strategy, built the team, led intellectual capital development and managed client relationships and delivery.

As a partner of Capital Markets Risk Advisors, a capital markets strategy and risk management consulting firm in NY, Wee advised financial institutions on risk and capital policies, and developed risk management methodologies and infrastructure. He also worked on product and business strategies for capital markets players.

As managing director of Bankers Trust, Wee was instrumental in building and running the firm’s global risk management function, which was an industry pioneer and leader. He helped shape industry regulation and practices through his work in the Group of Thirty, ISDA, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, NY Federal Reserve Bank, BIS, OCC and other regulators. Wee regularly met with investors, analysts, ratings agencies and regulators globally on risk, capital and shareholder value issues.

Wee co-founded Bankers Trust’s Risk Management Advisory business to serve BT’s corporate clients. In 1995, he co-authored “RAROC and Risk Management”, a highly regarded and pioneering work on the state-of-the-art principles and methodology in risk management.

Also at Bankers Trust, Wee built and ran an internal management consulting group focused on strategy issues such as developing a turnaround plan, a global client marketing program, an EVA/SVA methodology and a Balanced Scorecard. Wee also worked on a corporate-wide strategic review and a client franchise building program.

At Booz Allen & Hamilton in NY, a global management consulting firm, Wee managed strategy engagements for US clients. He consulted on business line valuation, acquisitions, divestitures and business portfolio restructurings for large corporate clients, conglomerates and financial institutions.

At Paribas, Wee evaluated and structured loans, Eurocurrency financings and syndications for sovereigns and corporates in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. With Paribas in New York, he worked on interest rate and currency swaps.

Judy Lee

Judy Lee

Dragonfly cofounder Judy LEE is a strategy consultant, risk management expert, and capital markets professional with 20 years of experience. Lee, a risk management pioneer from the late 80s has worked in Bankers Trust New York and was a partner at Capital Market Risk Advisors and The Capital Markets Company. The Wharton School MBA also has a BS in Finance and International Business from the Stern School, New York University.

Lee co-founded Dragonfly LLC in 2000. The New York based firm provides strategy, risk management development and investment advice for boards, CEOs, CFOs, business and risk heads in US, Europe and Asia – covering all sectors, corporates, financials and governments. With Dragonfly, Lee builds upon her pioneering work at Bankers Trust, to apply risk-management know how beyond financial institutions into diverse industries. Lee has developed sophisticated quantitative approaches to strategy under uncertainty and deal/investment structuring.

Before Dragonfly, Lee was a partner at The Capital Markets Company (Capco), a global financial services solutions firm. She was responsible for building the risk management, shareholder value and strategy business worldwide as well as for client relationships. She led client projects and developed intellectual capital in risk management for insurance companies, asset managers and operational risk management, among other areas.

Prior to Capco, Lee was a partner at Capital Market Risk Advisors (CMRA), a capital markets strategy and risk management consulting firm in New York. She developed an entry and growth strategy for a global bank’s US investment banking businesses; for a top global pension fund she reviewed and improved risk management and performance measurement processes. Lee also led projects in pricing model validation, capital markets product evaluation and expert pricing for complex derivatives portfolios.

Before CMRA, Lee was a principal at Bankers Trust, New York and was part of the pioneering team that from the 80s developed and implemented RAROC (risk capital and risk-adjusted returns) methodology throughout the bank – the first in the market and now an industry standard. Lee also designed and ran Bankers Trust’s risk measurement and reporting processes. Lee was responsible for day-to-day risk evaluation of the bank’s portfolio, supporting active CEO decision-making across all trading centers including New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore. Lee also developed risk policies, limits, and quantification models for new businesses/markets like Latin America and other emerging markets.

At Bankers Trust, Lee developed and presented the firm’s responses to global regulatory risk and capital guidelines. Her contributions to several industry task forces improved and helped shape risk and capital standards and regulations globally.

Judy LEE co-authored with Lieng-Seng WEE the highly regarded book “RAROC and Risk Management and the articles “Companies Using Control Self Assessment Don’t Really Know Their Risk”, “Integrating Stress Testing with Risk Management”.